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What you get

Case Studies

Examples where we solved major problems with our incremental approach.

UK rail ticket booking platform

Client erroneously deprioritised an essential component of the product to be done 2 weeks before launch. Component takes 3 months to implement. Fines & £100k/day booking loss if not delivered.
Within 3 days implement version with trade-offs to avoid fines. Within 2 weeks, handle 60% cases, within 1 month handle 80% cases with improved user experience, within 3 months handle 100% cases with best user experience.

Singapore rental booking platform

Client and vendor agreed to an improperly scoped contract. Work was taking 2 years & users were using 2 different systems, causing mishandled bookings.
Within 1 week, discovered an off-the-shelf solution that the vendor ignored, train up the users. Then built customisations on top of this solution.

Company background

Apt Elements started trading in 2013. Since then, we have consulted for multiple large clients in London, UK and as individuals have built experiences in Singapore and globally.