Apt Elements

High-calibre lean/agile IT consultancy

Validate and scale your software ideas with us. $10k per outcome.

Many months into your project, yet no result? Try us. We work differently.

We deliver incremental value, not complicated solutions.

We established in 2013 and consulted Scala/JVM SDLC for multiple large clients in London, UK.

In 2017, we decided to take an unusual fixed-price approach of $10k per outcome.

We've seen too many cases of long lead times followed by failure, even in agile projects.

This is because learning and validation are not in the requirement. This is because there is no freedom to abort a bad idea.

Suppose you are given two options:

  1. Pay $10k to validate and learn from the most essential part of your idea
  2. Gamble $200k and 3 months on your full idea and in the hopes that it works out

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